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3 Easy Ways To Cut Your Monthly Energy Bill

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Paying your monthly energy bill is always a drag, especially when it’s bigger than you originally thought. Rather than wanting to cry every time you open up your monthly bill, make some changes to your everyday life. Doing so will result in smaller bills and a bigger smile.

Upgraded Thermostat
It’s time to replace your old thermostat from the 90s and upgrade to a smart thermostat. This will allow you to adjust the temperature of your home from anywhere at anytime. Also, if you have zoning set up you can choose to cool specific areas of your home more than others. Older thermostats can also become faulty and misread the actual temperature of your home, forcing your system to cool more than it might need to.

Water Heater Adjustments
Even when you have a brand new hot water heater, you still could be spending too money each month just to heat your water. Look at the temperature setting and adjust it accordingly. The desired temperature should be 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Most water heaters come from the factory with a stock setting of 140 degrees. One quick adjustment could save you almost 10% on your water heating bills.

Appliance Maintenance
First things first, all of your appliances should be Energy Star certified. Now that the elephant in the room has been addressed, you should also be performing maintenance on each of your appliances to help them run more efficiently. The dryer vents should be cleaned to prevent a buildup of lint that could combust into a house fire. The refrigerator should have its condenser and coils cleaned of any dust to improve air flow. The dishwasher should have an empty cycle ran with a citric acid cleaner once per month to reduce soap and calcium buildup.

There’s no reason to have an insanely large energy bill at the beginning of each month, so it’s time to make some changes. When you need a professional to help you service your HVAC system, plumbing, and appliances, contact the experts at Tri-City Appliance, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (203) 303-5700.