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How To Winterize Your Outside AC Unit

outdoor air conditioner covered by a tarp

Now that the first cold front of the year has happened, it’s time to say goodbye to your beloved AC unit. Since the unit is outside, it makes sense to protect it from the harsh elements of the winter months. A little maintenance and winterization can keep your HVAC unit in perfect condition for next summer. Here’s how you can winterize your outside AC unit.

  1. Shut It Down – Before you begin the winterization process, make sure the unit is turned off. Turning it off manually will ensure that the unit will not kick on during a sunny or warm day during the winter. Better to be safe than sorry!
  2. Clean It Off – A little cleaning never hurt anyone. Scrape away any leaves, branches, or debris that is on or near the unit. Proceed to hose down your HVAC unit to remove any animal droppings, dead insects, or dirt. A clean unit is a happy unit!
  3. Wrap It Up – During extremely low temperatures, pipes can freeze and break. Insulate the pipes on the unit by installing foam pipe covers. Cut the foam to fit the pipes and secure with duct or electrical tape.
  4. Tuck It Away – It’s time to protect the unit by wrapping it with a waterproof cover. Place the vinyl or plastic cover over the air conditioner and wrap it with bungee cords. Make sure the cords are fastened tightly, and that the cover will not move under the force of severe winds.
  5. Check It Out – Throughout the fall and winter, periodically check on your HVAC unit. Make sure the cover is still secure and wipe away any leaves or branches that may have fallen. After each snowstorm, take the time to also wipe the snow off of the unit.

Winterizing your outside AC unit can help keep it from being damaged during the offseason. Spending just a few minutes cleaning it off and covering it could save you money in future repairs. If you would like to service or repair your HVAC system before you turn it off for the season, call on the experts at Tri-City Heating and Cooling to get the job done for you! To learn more or to schedule a service, give us a call at (203) 303-5700.