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Common Appliances That Can Trip Your Circuit Breakers

checking the breaker box

The power always goes out at the most inconvenient times, especially when you’re doing something important. Have you ever stopped and thought that maybe the power went out because of what you were doing? That’s right, you most likely tripped a circuit or blew a fuse. Even though anything that runs off of electricity can create a power surge, certain appliances are more prone to do so than others.

Blow Dryers
Doing your hair has never felt more dangerous! Blow dryers use a significant amount of electricity in a short period of time because of the heat that has to be created. Since so much electricity is being utilized, the circuit can trip if multiple people are using hair dryers at one time. It can even trip if the outlet in the bathroom is not on its own circuit.

Power Strips & Extension Cords
You read the title of this bullet point and panicked. Don’t worry, an extension cord will not trip your circuit breaker! Although using multiple extension cords and power strips throughout the house will increase your chances. The more cords plugged into a power strip, and the more extensions you have, the higher the risk. There may not be enough outlets in some rooms, but try to limit the amount of strips and cords you use throughout your home.

Old Appliances
Energy efficiency is one of the main things looked at when people buy new appliances. Not only does it save you money, but it also helps reduce the chances of blowing a fuse or tripping your breaker. Older appliances, especially bigger ones like refrigerators, use more electricity than you could even imagine. An older refrigerator in warm temperatures, or one that is overheating, has the best chance at turning your home’s power off.

Clothes Iron
If it generates heat or cold air in a short period of time, it has the possibility of tripping your circuit breaker. The clothes iron is no exception to this rule. The reason an iron has an even greater chance of causing a power surge is because of the outlet you plug the iron into. Most people will iron in a bedroom where all of that room’s outlets are on one circuit. Unlike bathrooms where there may be multiple circuits for each outlet.

When using certain household appliances be aware of other appliances that are plugged in. Power surges and tripped circuits can often cause some appliances to malfunction or break. If your appliance needs repair then you know exactly who to call: Tri-City Heating and Cooling! Our appliance technicians will fix any of your household appliances and answer any questions about future circuit problems. To learn more, or to schedule a service, give us a call at (203) 303-5700.