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Home Heating Energy Efficiency Orange CT

Radiator repair

The average Orange CT household spends more of it energy budget on heating than any other expense. That’s not only true here it’s true nationwide. Nearly 30 percent of your energy budget is eaten up by heating expenses. The big costs associated with home heating means that improving the efficiency of your heating system can turn into big savings. Tri-City Heating and Cooling can tune up an older heating system to yield greater savings or install a new unit in your home.

Energy Star Heat Pumps

We can install an Energy Star heat pump to achieve considerable energy savings, upwards of 300 percent to 400 percent efficiency. The Energy Star program projects that an energy-efficiency heat pump that converts cold air from the outdoors into hot air that’s pumped into the home, is 20 percent more efficient than models of the past.

Home Heating System Maintenance

Even if you cannot afford a new heating system for your Orange CT home, cleaning and maintenance at least once annually goes a long way to extend the life of your heating system and boost energy efficiency. Dirty air filters, for example, force your home heating system to work harder. Leaks or insufficient insulation in the system ducts lets energy escape. A maintenance plan that includes cleaning can cut your energy bill and put you on the path to green – not only in energy efficiency but also in your wallet.