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CT Appliance Repair: How To Prevent Unnecessary Appliance Repairs With 4 Easy Steps

loading the dishwasher

Everyone in CT relies on their household appliances to wash their clothes and dishes, and to cook, chill and keep food from spoiling. We understand how frustrating it is when an appliance failure interrupts your daily routine, forcing you to make the dreaded call to an appliance repair company. Although appliances don’t last forever and need maintenance from time to time, you can take a few easy steps to prevent unnecessary appliance repairs.

Avoid Refrigerator Repairs: Clean The Condenser Often

You can prevent costly refrigerator repairs by cleaning the refrigerator condenser on a regular basis. The condenser prevents the refrigerator’s compressor from overheating and extends your refrigerator’s life. Most refrigerators have a fan that circulates air over the compressor to maintain a cool temperature. But when dirt, dust, pet hair and lint build up, it decreases the airflow, causing the compressor to overheat. Replacing your refrigerator’s compressor in is the most expensive refrigerator repair we’ve encountered over the last 45 years, so clean your condenser regularly so the compressor doesn’t overheat.

Prolong the Life of Your Dishwasher: Rinse Dishes Well

We’ve responded to many service calls for dishwasher repairs that were easily avoided. In fact, many homeowners seem surprised when we tell them that they should rinse their dishes thoroughly before loading the dishwasher to avoid an expensive repair. Even though TV commercials advocate being lazy about cleaning dishes before you load them, a thorough rinsing removes food debris that clogs up the pump and spray arms, necessitating a dishwasher repair by a qualified appliance technician.

Don’t Use the Self Clean Feature of Your Oven

The excessive heat required to self clean your oven renders expensive parts inoperable with continued use. A distinct majority of oven and stove repairs come in right after someone has used the self-clean feature. We advise that you clean up oven spills pronto so you won’t need to operate the oven at such an extreme temperature and, eventually, such an extreme oven repair cost.

Clear Your Dryer Vents and Lint Catch

Cleaning the lint catch on your dryer after every load is a must, but don’t forget to clear the vent lines of lint too. If lint and dust build up in the vents it will restrict the airflow and possibly puts you at risk for a dryer fire. Vacuum the vent line frequently in addition to keeping the lint catch clear.