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Energy Savings Orange, CT- Steps To Savings On Your Energy Bill

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Have you noticed how high your energy bill seems to jump when you have to turn that heater on for the winter? It is an unfortunate truth that you are liable to watch your energy bill go up by a vast percentage when the cold months come. When you add that to the fact that the cost of energy is going up every year, it can leave you with your head spinning trying to determine a way to pay that monthly cost. The good news is that there are things you can do for energy savings in your Orange, CT home. All you need to do is know what the right steps are and you can see a noticeable difference in your next energy bill.

The Heating System

Start by taking a good hard look at your heating system. Is it being properly cared for? On your part, you will need to keep the return filter clean. A clogged filter will force the unit to work harder and this will make it use more energy every day. In addition, you will need to make sure to have routine maintenance performed on it each year. If you pay a small fee, the HVAC repair company will come to your house and do the maintenance. Not only will this make the unit last longer, but it will also help it to work less hard and save you money.

If your heating system is very old, then there are probably a few things working against you in your quest for energy savings in your Orange, CT home. An older heater may not be energy star certified. These older models would use a great deal more energy just to run. In addition, an older model simply will not be as efficient and it will slowly use more and more energy just to properly function. If you have seen a noticeable difference over the past couple of years, this is a sign that you may need to consider replacement.

Your Orange, CT Home

Next, you will need to look at your house for energy savings in Orange, CT. If your home is properly insulated, then it will make sure the heat stays indoors. If your home has drafts, then you could be losing a great deal of heat and therefore, losing a great deal of energy. Check around windows and doors to make sure they are properly sealed. In addition, check behind switch plates and wall outlets. Foam insulation can be added behind plates and outlets. For windows and doors, specially designed weather stripping is available.

The Thermostat

If you do not have a programmable thermostat, then you are losing money. When you constantly change the setting for the thermostat, then you are causing the heating unit to work harder. By choosing a model that you program and leave alone, you can save a great deal on energy costs and your heating system will not work as hard.

These tips for energy savings in your Orange home truly can make a big difference. You will see the savings on your very next energy bill.