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Home Repair, Milford CT - Fixing The Damage From Hurricane Irene

Tri City Heating and Cooling

Hurricane Irene blew into Southern Connecticut late Saturday evening, leaving residents with floods, downed trees, and damage to their homes and leaving many without power. Just take a drive through your neighborhood and you can see how the damage varies. Trees have fallen onto power lines all over the state leaving 50% of residents still without power. Phyllis and I spent the day yesterday driving around Milford visiting friends in the Woodmont, Point Beach, and Melba/ Bayshore area and the devastation that I witnessed in our shoreline communities was truly saddening. Over the last ten years I have watched our beaches and beach homes become some of the nicest around and have even been featured in magazines, so much effort has gone into beautifying our shoreline and I know how much hard work is ahead of us to get our beach communities back to where they were before Irene.

How Tri-City Can Help YOU Take Back Your Deductible

As a business owner and friend to many in our small town with a big heart I would like to extend a special offer to anyone in need. Now working for us is Dennis Flanagan, a comfort consultant, who has over 25 years of experience restoring and building homes from 1,500 sq ft to 15,000 sq ft in the Southern CT area and dealing with insurance companies. We are here to help with all general contracting and restoration, such as plumbing, sewer and drain, heating and cooling, appliance repair, windows, roofing, and all construction. We will rebate your insurance deductible up to $1000.00 and walk you step by step through this difficult time. Call us at (203) 303-5700 and let’s get to work.