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Heating In CT Means 24/7 Service Is Key

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As the winter months approach, owners of residential and commercial properties naturally turn their thoughts to indoor heating in CT. Home and business owners are not only concerned about the comfort of everyone in times of low temperatures, but the costs of providing proper heating in CT throughout the entire winter. This is why it is imperative that property owners work with us at Tricity Appliance to make sure all of their heating service needs are met and sudden emergencies are always dealt with in a timely fashion.

Ongoing Maintenance Is Important

The heating system placed in your location may largely depend upon the year in which that building was built. There are two popular forms of indoor heating in CT that are used in New England, and the Mid-Atlantic region as a whole. If you have purchased an older or historic home, then you should definitely be interested in having an inspection performed on a regular basis to insure their efficiency.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant Floor heating systems are floor based and can be hidden not just under tile, concrete or wood flooring, but under an assortment of tile designs and even wall-to-wall carpeting. Water is warmed and sent flowing through a network of tubing located under the floors of your home or building. As the warmth begins to radiate upward, the room and everyone in it receives the benefit of this form of heat.

Central Home Heating

Many houses and commercial buildings were built with older heating systems that use what is known as “central heat.” This entails a series of heat radiating units that are placed either above floor level or within the general HVAC Heating set-up. While these systems may still work and provide sufficient amounts of heat, older systems may be antiquated and not provide this service at peak efficiency. This can not only run up your energy bills, but may carry the possibility of safety issues due to age.

To head off the need for a heating repair during an unexpected emergency or during a particularly brutal cold weather snap, property owners are urged to have a maintenance check and an energy audit performed before the season is well underway. Central home heating in CT benefits from one of our skilled technicians going over a check-list, discussing the results with you and performing any necessary repairs.

Periodic Check-Ups

Proper heating repair in CT depends upon periodic inspections performed on a routine basis, with necessary upgrades installed as per your budgetary means. While installing new heat-related systems can be an expense, the ability to save money in the face of growing fuel costs can provide a solid return on your investment. For those who are looking to sell their residential or commercial property somewhere down-the-road, a newly installed heating system is something that will resonate with potential buyers and raise your property value.

Repair Or Replace?

Only a skilled and licensed technician familiar with your heating service can determine whether your individual system can do with mere tune-up or will require the addition of a complete heating replacement unit. Much of this depends on the shape your system is in and the energy efficiency it provides.

Here at Tri-City Heating and Cooling, we service all of Central Connecticut from our headquarters located in Milford, CT. When working with your particular type of heat-related system, we will always offer valuable tips so that you can maximize your energy efficiency throughout the entire year.