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Heat Pumps In Fairfield County CT

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Convenience and cost-saving benefits are available from ductless mini split systems. A mini-split, or heat pump, functions as a window air conditioner without the need for a window. With ductless mini-splits or heat pumps in Fairfield County, you can provide heating or cooling without using a noisy and inconvenient window unit. Mini-split air conditioners are also an ideal choice for homes with room additions, where it may not be practical to extend or install duct work.

A mini-split offers small size and flexibility for heating and cooling. Many heat pump models have up to four zones connected to a single outdoor unit. Since each zone has a dedicated thermostat, both heating and cooling can be turned off in rooms that are unoccupied to save money on utility bills.

Heat pumps in Fairfield County CT provide flexibility for more interior design flexibility. Indoor air handlers can be hung from a ceiling or hung on a wall, with low profiles of seven inches deep. These units are housed in sleek, high tech-looking casings. With many units available with remote control features, it’s easy to turn the system on and off when mounted in an inconspicuous place.

It can be difficult to determine the appropriately sized mini-split for your space. An over sized unit can be expensive and break down often, and a too small unit will not produce the desired cooling effect. At Tri-City Heating and Cooling, our experienced mini-split technicians can help you select the right heat pumps in Fairfield County CT to provide you with the maximum cooling effect that you need.