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Energy Savings In Milford CT

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An energy efficient home is like a fortress, keeping the conditioned air inside and preventing the untreated air from entering from outside. Even small leaks can add up to a large amount on your monthly heating or cooling bill. If you’ve never taken the time to ensure that your home is properly sealed and insulated, you may be surprised to find out how much this simple process can save you.

The basement and attic are two areas of the home that can offer massive energy savings in Milford CT. In both areas, common sense is the best indicator of a problem. If either your attic or basement feels drafty in the colder months and stuffy in the summer, chances are there is an issue with the insulation or an air leak. The Energy Star website offers clear and simple guidelines on how to check the insulation levels in either your attic or basement.

If you complete this process and suspect that there is an issue with the insulation in your home, you
can call a contractor like Tri-city Appliance to look further into the issue.Another simple step is to inspect the parts of the attic and basement that are most likely to harbor air leaks. These spots include spaces around wiring holes, recessed lighting spaces, and any dryer or furnace vents. Any extra open space around these items is likely to reduce the energy efficiency of the home. Taking the time to seal even small holes will result in home energy savings in Milford CT.

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