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Energy Savings CT- Steps Toward Energy Savings In Stratford, CT

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There are many reasons to work on energy savings in Stratford, CT. Of course, the most obvious is that you will be able to save money on your energy bill when you take the time to make changes in your home or business. However, as you have most likely read, conserving energy is becoming more and more of an important issue. There is a big push toward helping to protect the environment for the future, and you can take part in that and save money for yourself at the same time. If you do not know how to conserve energy in your home, then you may benefit from some helpful tips. It does not take a great deal of work on your part. In fact, you can make small changes that will have big benefits. Here are some of the changes you can make.

Energy Star Matters

Always choose Energy Star rated appliances when you want true energy savings in Stratford, CT. These appliances will use a fraction of the energy that your old ones will, and they can make a big difference on your monthly electric bill. If you do not currently have these Energy Star appliances, you may want to consider purchasing them. In addition to conserving energy, you can even get a tax break for making the change on many appliances you may consider. Some of the home appliances you can replace include the refrigerator, the dishwasher, the hot water heater, and the stove.

The Air Conditioner is a Big Issue

Be careful how you manage the air conditioner. These air conditioning units can often use the bulk of the energy consumed during the spring and summer months. However, you can make changes that will provide definite energy saving in Stratford,CT. Start by making use of programmable thermostats. These thermostats will better regulate the air conditioner and will help save money overall. Additionally, consider changing the setting a couple of degrees warmer and do not alter the temperature throughout the day. Constantly changing the temperature will make the air conditioner work harder and use more energy.

Change Your Lighting

Change your lights to compact fluorescent. These little light bulbs may look funny but they can equal big savings. Not only do they last much, much longer than the standard incandescent bulbs, but they use only a fraction of the energy. If you replace all of the lights in your home with the compact fluorescent types, you will find that you can save hundreds of dollars in electricity. There are plenty of sizes of these bulbs so you can replace almost every light in your home, from lamps to chandeliers.

If you make these three small changes, you can see a big energy savings in Stratford. You will be surprised at the difference they will make in your power bill, and for the most part, you will not even notice the changes in your daily life. Of course, if you choose to purchase Energy Star appliances, you will have to make an initial investment, but the savings will far outweigh it in the end.