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CT Home Energy Solutions- How Much Are Air Leaks In Your Home Costing You?


” Shut the door! The heat is on…Do you live in a barn?” I’m sure all of you have heard this sentence (or some version of it) from your parents at one point in your life. If you really think about it, the sentence actually makes some sense. Can you imagine how much it would cost to really heat & cool a barn?

What most people in CT don’t know is that they’re still heating & cooling the great outdoors AFTER they’ve shut all the doors and windows. Studies have found that air leaks in the average home in Connecticut add up to one giant hole that is 4 foot in diameter. Can you imagine what your Mom or Dad would yell if they saw a 4-foot hole in the dining room wall?

Homeowners don’t realize the hole is there because it’s not smack dab in the middle of the dining room wall. Typically these air leaks are coming from mechanical penetrations – such as chimney bypasses, plumbing & electrical chases, etc – that are located under the insulation in your attic or in other inconspicuous places you wouldn’t think to look.

Since hot air rises, it is very easy for air to leak to the outside (you really are paying to heat the whole neighborhood!). And when the air you’ve paid to heat & cool leaks to the outside, the air that replaces it (called make-up air) comes from the outside to be heated & cooled by your HVAC system. Did you ever wonder why you only feel drafts in the winter? It’s because the hot air that you paid to heat is rising, leaking to the outdoors, and being made up by cold air being pulled in around windows, doors, etc in your home. It is a never-ending cycle that you spend hundreds of dollars per year in utility & heating bills to overcome.

A Home Energy Solution in CT begins with a energy assessment.

So what’s the best way for you to put an end to this energy waste? Have a home energy assessment performed by the BPI certified technicians at Tri-City of Milford, CT.

When Tri-City performs an energy assessment at your home we will determine all the ways your home is losing energy and wasting your money on energy bills. We will locate the biggest energy wasting air leaks and then seal them – which will reduce your homes air leakage to the outside and save you 25-30% on your utility & heating bills. We will also give you up to 25 Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs and change them for you, seal leaky ductwork, insulate hot water pipes, and install water saving aerators & showerheads.

We will evaluate your heating & cooling systems, insulation, and appliances to determine if they are also wasting your hard earned dollars. If we find that there is a need to upgrade one of these things – we will provide you with hundreds of dollars in rebates to upgrade now. Plus, if you upgrade within 45 days of the energy assessment we will provide you with a DOUBLE REBATE which will allow you to get twice as much in rebate dollars.