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Air Conditioning Oxford CT- What To Consider In A New Air Conditioning System

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When you need to buy a new air conditioning system, it can be overwhelming. There are a lot of things to consider, from the size of the unit to the Oxford, CT air conditioning professional you hire to install it. As long as you move carefully through the different steps, there is no reason that you won’t get the air conditioning unit that is perfect for your home and your needs.

HVAC Unit Considerations

One of the biggest concerns lately is whether or not an air conditioning system is energy efficient. Believe it or not, even units that were installed five years ago are completely out of date when compared to the efficiency that current HVAC systems have. The Season Energy Efficient Rating will tell you just how efficient the units are, and that will help you choose the one that fits the size of your home and bank account. Your Oxford air conditioning professional can explain to you the SEER rating and how it can affect your monthly energy bills.When you use an energy efficient air conditioning unit, you will save hundreds of dollars of the course of several years. In fact, the money you save on your energy bills will likely pay for your air conditioner in less than five years. That’s certainly one good reason to consider a new energy efficient unit or an upgrade from your current HVAC system.

Get the Right Size

Many people make the mistake of choosing a unit that is either too small or too large for their home. A smaller unit will use too much energy to cool your home, and you may never get the temperatures you desire inside. Your energy bills will be extremely expensive, and there’s a chance you’ll have to perform maintenance more often, as the unit will overtax itself to provide you with cooler temperatures inside.Conversely, a unit that is too large will shut off too often. This will leave too much time for mold and other allergens to form inside the ductwork, and that could bring illness into your home. When the unit is off, it can no longer dehumidify the air inside your house.

Choosing the Right Oxford, CT Air Conditioning Company

Now that you know what to consider when purchasing a new air conditioning system, you should ensure that your chosen Oxford air conditioning contractor is aware of the same issues. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about his or her experience with homes that match the size and type of yours. If you live in a historic home, be sure to ask how many similar homes the company has outfitted for central air.There is nothing wrong with checking credentials and asking for references. You can determine through speaking to past customers if the contractor you have chosen will perform the job correctly. He or she should understand all of the latest in energy efficient systems, and should have no trouble choosing a unit that fits the size of your home perfectly.