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East Haven CT HVAC: When To Repair Or When To Replace

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Variable factors affect the lifespan and efficiency of your East Haven CT HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. East Haven homeowners can control some of these variables in the way they use their HVAC system, including the energy demands they place on it. In fact, energy consumption is one measure of how efficiently (or not) an HVAC system is operating because consumption is more than monthly energy bills; it also equates to the demands placed on the HVAC system. The bottom line is: If repairs on an appliance seven years or older is going to cost more than half the cost of replacing it, you’re better off replacing the appliance with something that comes with a warranty and is more energy-efficient.

East Haven CT HVAC: How Energy Consumption Affects A Home Heating System

Energy consumption is a great way to measure how well your HVAC system works. For example, East Haven CT homeowners can look to these indicators to determine whether they need to repair or replace their HVAC system. Typically a 10-year-old HVAC system is more likely to have operating trouble than an HVAC that is newer. But age isn’t always a factor. If you run your system a lot versus not placing high-energy demands on it, you’re demanding more from your HVAC and could be shortening its lifespan. Therefore, your energy consumption needs factor into an HVAC system lifespan and efficiency. One of the most telling indicators that your system is not running well is how often the HVAC kicks on and off. Short-cycling, another way of describing when the HVAC kicks on and off rapidly, may indicate that your system is too small for your East Haven CT home’s heating needs. Poor ductwork in your HVAC system may also factor in and create this condition. Other problematic indicators include uneven heating in your East Haven home, with frequent cold spots in various rooms or floors; and unusually high heating bills when energy consumption has been consistent.

Helpful Tips From An HVAC Expert in East Haven, CT

Uneven distribution of heat in winter and conditioned air in warmer months indicates problems ahead. But to really understand the problems at hand, meet with one of our highly skilled HVAC technician to discuss whether it is time to repair or replace your HVAC in East Haven CT. Unless the HVAC repairs discussed with an HVAC pro are minor ones, such as faulty ductwork, you may get a better return on investment by replacing the HVAC system. New systems and systems that have the ability to meet your home heating needs provide improved energy efficiency, which means lower energy bills and fewer repairs in the long run. HVAC systems that are older than 10 years get insufficient marks according to the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) in East Haven CT, producing a Level 10 on the SEER chart, as opposed to newer, more energy-efficient models that produce a higher SEER rating of 13. The Department of Energy requires a minimal SEER rating of 13, so talk to one of our HVAC technicians about where your HVAC system ranks and how to improve its operation – whether it needs repair or replacement.