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AC Service In Milford CT For The Hot Summer Months

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AC service in Milford CT is important for anyone who lives in Milford, Connecticut because the temperatures tend to fluctuate thanks to icy northern climate conditions as well as coastal winds. Its close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, accessible through Long Island Sound and Block Island Sound, is no doubt responsible for some of the warm temperatures in the area.

Being Prepared For The Hot Summer Weather

When spring and summer seasons arrive, are you ready to cool down the house? Tri-City Heating and Cooling offers AC service in Milford CT to keep you and your family cool in the summer. Rather than use portable air conditioners or fans, most residents would prefer HVAC systems, which are systems ready to produce heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. Such a system allows homeowners to maintain a comfortable temperature while welcoming fresher air in from the outside. The cooling and ventilating process works by replacing the indoor air with outside air, which not only maintains a comfortable temperature, but also gets rid of moisture, smoke, dust, airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide and other negative elements. Ventilation not only replaces air from the inside to the outside but also circulates the air within the house.

The cooling system of a home is provided by removing the heat inside the room. After all cold merely refers to the lack of heating in a room; thus if you get rid of the heat you have cold air. Heat is placed through the process of convection, heat cooling and radiation. This process, also known as refrigeration, has a few basic stages. The refrigerant starts out as gas and is then pumped by the compressor. Now, the gas is under high pressure and temperature. The gas enters a heat exchanger, where it will lose heat due to outside sources. Eventually the gas becomes a liquid and is then returned inside for another round of heat exchange. The metering device lets this newly transformed liquid flow at low pressure and it soon evaporates. During this stage, the evaporating liquid absorbs heat from the air inside, which then returns to the compressor for more of the same operation. The basic mechanism of absorbing heat from inside and sending it out results in a cold building-an absence of heat.

Tri-City offers AC installation, new AC system installation, AC repair and design for homeowners in Connecticut and the great city of Milford. Our company offers a variety of protection plans and individual services as well as free consultations. We have four plans of top rated service, including a Silver plan, Gold plan, Platinum plan and Diamond plan.

Tri-City has been active since 1964, giving it 45 years of loyal service to the community. Tri-City Heating and Cooling believes in equality and unity, respect for the community, responsibility, pride, commitment, integrity. All of these qualities we combine in our directive to provide a “lifetime of comfort.”

If you are currently experiencing problems with AC service in Milford CT or are building a new residential location, always choose centralized air! Tri-City Heating and Cooling can help you create an efficient and guaranteed-to-work system for your convenience.